Bin Jawaad, Libia   Moammmar Gadhafi has tightened his grip Saturday on the coastal road linking his territory to the rebel-controled east, pushing forward the frontline in Libia’s grueling internal conflict showing off control of a devastated town just seized by the opposition.

Meanwhile, Arab nations continue to debate whether to call for  Western no-fly zone to protect the rebels deciding at a closed emergency Arab League meeting in Cairo whether to issue the endorsement that the U.S. and European nations say they will need before acting.  In other words, before either would act on a no-fly zone action, they want permission in the form of official request.

“The League can not remain idle, not taking responsibility for these events,” said Oman’s Foreign Minister Yousef Ben Alwi, who headed the meeting.  He called for the League to act now, making a decision;  ‘before events race ahead of us,’ he said.

As Gadhafi pushes forward expanding his control over areas taken by rebels, it is apparent that rebel forces might be weakening.  Many are not trained in military warfare, and the rebel forces are not well organized. casualties are as a result rising, leading to persistent weakening of their forces to the superior and fast growing brutal response from Gadafi military might.

The whole mid-east seems to be in turmoil. According to a brief issued by the AP today entitled “A look at political unrest in the Middle East.” 

A look at anti-government protests, political unrest and key developments in the Middle east as of Saturday.

A rebel leader in Libia pleads with the international community to approve a no-fly zone over Libia as Moammar Gadafi’s forces gain strength in the east.

Yemen:  Witnesses say Yemeni security forces fired live bullets and tear gas on two pro-democracy demonstrations, killing three people as the government clamps down on a growing protest movement.

Bahrain:  Tens of thousands of protesters in Bahrain marched on a royal palace after clashes with police injured dozens of activists.

Saudi Arabia:  Considers steps to assure national security as Protesters there plan  ‘Day of Rage.’ protests against the Saudi monarchy. 

The latest uprisings have caused a rise of concern over the security of Mid-East oil facilities, over the fear that demonstrators would set them ablaze to get attention to their cause.  Reports out of Libia are saying that Gadafi is already firing on Oil facilities there. 

Overall the Mid-East turmoil has caused sharp increases at the gasoline pumps in The United States. The average cost on Friday 3-11-12, $3.58 per gallon. It is expected to rise higher, perhaps to $5.00 pergallon by this summer. This in itself threatens to slow the growing American economy as it attempts to dig out of a serious recession.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Information regarding this report gathered from Associated Press.



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