According to the Associated Press, a suspected breach in the reactor of the Fukushima plant in North east Japan could mean more serious radioactive contamination, Japanese officials said Friday. This could mean a major setback in the efforts to bring the leaking plant under control.

The uncertain situation has apparently halted operations at the facility where dozens had been working at a feverous pace to contain the ever-growing dangerous situation of leaking radioactive vapors resulting from the recent earthquake and tsunami that devastated whole regions of North-east Japan in the worst disaster since WWII.

In Fukushima, the confusion at the nuclear plant was yet another major setback to the urgent task of gain control of the facility 140 miles northeast of Tokyo.

suspicions of a possible breach were raised when two workers waded into water that read 10,000 times more radioactive than is typical and suffering serious skin burns as a result.

Though damage to the nuclear core can not be ruled out, the cause of the high readings remained unclear, officials said.

It is possible there may be damage somewhere in the reactor.

However, evidence that there might be a more serious breach is evident in elevated levels of radiation in raw milk, seawater and 11 different kinds of vegetables, including broccoli,cauliflower and turnips.  Tap water is several areas of Japan including Tokyo also tested with radiation levels considered unsafe for infants.  The scare has caused a run on bottled water in the Capital.

Japan is in a serious situation because the continued elevation of the crisis is causing many to wonder if the situation at the damaged site is being handled correctly.  More and more people are getting scared of what is coming nest.  While there is no indication of immediate unrest, one would think that they are not far from demanding a through inquiry as to why the situation seems to be getting worse than better. 

The question now rising, at least for me, is just how serious is the situation. With water and vegetables  reading overly high in radioactivity, is there still other undiscovered repercussions that are not yet evident.  What is coming down the road for citizens of Japan. Radio Reactivity secluded, and used as an energy source, and under control, is one thing. But this is an out of control situation, and it seems that with each passing day the breach is getting worse despite the heroic efforts of those at the site risking their lives to save the lives of millions.

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Have a great day……..God Bless America………And pray for the People of Japan!



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