According to “The Daily Caller”, a Republican Congressman has introduced a Bill that appears to warn President Obama that he could be impeached if the U.S. gets involved militarily in Syria without Congressional approval”, the paper said.  The bill introduced last week by North Carolina Representative Walter Jones declares that it is an impeachable offense for a president to authorize military action against another country without consent from Congress.

This apparently all stemmed from testimony offered by Defense Secretary Leon Penetta who said during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee that “Our goal would be to seek international permission and not necessarily congressional approval before taking any military action in Syria”. He continued by saying ” ” And we would come to the Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would get permission from Congress”.  Penetta said.

However, a Defense official said Penettas remarks before the committee were misinterpreted and the defense secretary is not for ceding U.S. decision-making authority to some foreign body.

The Bill calls the use of Offensive military force by the president, without prior and clear authorization of an act of Congress an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor.

Both Texas Republican Representative Ron Paul and Ohio Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich last year called Obama’s authorization of military intervention without congressional approval in Libya an impeachable offense,  the Daily Caller said.

This seems a good issue to put in front of the readers of the Journal.  What say you?  Is it, or would it be an impeachable offense for the President to impose and authorize military action, in an offensive nature, toward Syria, or any other nation for that matter.  Or is this matter the obligation of the president.

My gut reaction is that any such action should be approved by Congress if it is not a direct threat to the security of The United States.  I don’t think the Constitution permits the President to just authorize military action because of another countries internal conflict. It goes back to the old adage that ‘We are not the world police’.  Granted Syria is a serious situation. A lot of innocent people are being killed for no just reason.  But, we are not the world police, and it seems we as a nation do not have the authority or the obligation to intervene.

Again, I address the current economic situation on our own door step, and would question the wisdom of throwing even more money into mid-east military conflicts.

I would hope to hear from you the reader on this matter.  I look forward to your comments.

Meanwhile……….Have a great day and as usual…….God Bless America!



I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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