Could this President be in trouble?  I think that there is a possibility that President Barrack Obama could have some issues to deal with before this campaign is over. The reason?  No doubt, the Republicans have a plan, and they are already kicking it into high mode.  All the Republicans have to do is convince the voter that they are not better than they were four years ago, and this could cost the President a second term.  I think we are better than we were four years ago.  More and more people are returning to work, that is good for commerce, and all one has to do is walk through the stores and one will see that the consumer is buying. I know, I’ve been in the stores, and once again I am seeing full shopping carts. It was not long ago when I would be standing at a check-out lane and witness people getting into line with very few items in the cart, and obviously hungry kids standing by waiting to get home.

I don’t care what Rush says, or Hanady or any of the other Right leaning Radio Hogs say, things are better today than they were four years ago. True, we are not there yet. We are not where we would like to be, but while progress may be slow we are, at least for the moment, moving forward.

Whats hurting this President?  For openers, of course, The Presidents Health Care Reform Program.  Republicans have been able to convince everyone,it seems that the Obama plan is bad for the country. However, there are those who are finally getting health care who just a mere four years ago had nothing at all.  Health Care Reform is a mandatory given. That is to say that if something is not done about the run away cost of Medical care as well as basic medical care, then our economy will be driven into the ground in the future.  Republicans know this too.  They will endorse a Romney plan if he is elected President, but I can assure you this it will cost the consumer dearly.  Do you actually think that a President Romney would actually do anything that would have heavy costs upon the Insurance Industry? Look at who Romney represents.

You know I get a kick out of these Factory Rats, who think they are some kind of Wonk, and all they actually do is repeat and repeat the talking points of Conservative Talk Radio Hosts.  They are not looking at anything but a way to be guided to the polls and pulling a pin the way they have been so guided to do.  I listen to them talk all the time. It’s nothing more than a repeat of The Sean Hanady Show.  Remember this my Fellow Factory Rats. Those of you who nearly lost all you have. Those of you who are now returning to the factory floor after some two years of little if no work at all.  It was not the Republicans who saved GM, or Chrysler!  It was President Obama under a Democratic Congress who was able to assure that these factories were able to recover.

Now, I won’t sit here and say that GM and Chrysler had no faults of their own.  They did. And the conditions that were set before them had to be met in order for the Federal Government to commit to saving their Industrial Hide. The proof is in the product that they are delivering. But, no, people were conned into listening to a bunch of ranting by the Far Right, and thinking they were doing the right thing, they voted for a Far Right Conservative Ticket, that was not the least representative of middle class interests.  Instead they are representative of the New Tea Party, whose sole purpose was to stall the entire recovery and economy as well as a middle class return to work, and create nothing but Kos on the House and senate Floor, by blocking any and all Legislation Obama!  Mitch McConnell, a Senior Senate Republican made it quite clear what the Right Wing Political Agenda was….”We do not want to do anything that would get Barrack Obama re-elected for a second term”….. That has been the agenda and is still the agenda, and that my friends is why we are dealing with a Do Nothing Congress. …… Because that is the plan, Do Nothing!  Then these clowns will point to the failures of Congress and try to dupe the voter into believing that President Obama is at fault.

This Congress has a responsibility to the American people. They have failed at every turn. The Tea Party is their leader and their motto is NO COMPREMISE!  Their agenda is to get this President out of office!  They are depending on Middle Class Voters to turn the dime for them so as to win this election.  Look there is a GM Cadillac plant in my home town. They are building cars and spitten them out the back door like they are going out of style.  Now they are getting ready to bring in a new model, and this summer, as a result, will add a second shift, hiring hundreds of new workers, boosting the area economy and lowering unemployment. Now, if Republicans had been running the show I assure you that this would not be the case. The city in which I reside would be the new Michigan Rust Belt.  These same so-called honest Americans with so-called-integrity would have let GM and Chrysler go under, and would care less about the jobs lost.  They advocate tax cuts, massive tax cuts for the Richest of the Rich, and Tax increases for the Middle Class. That’s you Factory Rat!  You get the tax raise, and pay dearly.

That is what Obama has got to get across to the American people in order to win this election. If he can not, if you, the Middle Class continue to listen to the likes of Rush and Sean, just because what they say sounds like so cool, then I assure you the job you throw away will be yours.  When the whole country goes down the tube, then and only then will you realize what you have done. Then of course, it will be too late. The Richer will get richer, you will get poorer and poorer!  And you will pay the tab.

Don’t think I’m right?  Well, I said some time ago that the country was heading for a deep recession, and we got it right in the gut. I’ve said before it is not what these clowns are saying that is of concern to me….It’s what they are not saying. The Tea Party, so patriotic, so American, said all this slogan crap about how they were going to step up to the plate and save America. All the stuff they said sounded so good, they just got evasive when asked specifically how they were going to do it. Then, after they were elected they screwed everything up on the Hill, created the most dis-organized, hostile, far right Congress ever. They had just  enough votes to paralyze the who Congress. And they did just that. then blamed the President, because he would not abandon the American people while they stood in soup lines, and unemployment lines praying for some kind of economic recovery.

Finally, we are witnessing the Secret Service and GSA scandal, that the Right is slowly twisting manipulating a way to hold the President responsible for the whole problem of out of control bureaucrats. Anything they can carjin up, to make it look as if this President does nothing but look the other way.  Keep watching, as an agency problem becomes a major talking point of both Rush and Sean as they twist the whole thing into a Obama problem.

Now, I opened with the perception that there was a possibility that President Obama might lose this election. Now, without running to Rush and his school of Advanced Conservative Studies, or Sean Hanady, might I suggest to the reader that you do your home work. And check out where we actually were four years ago…..And where we are today!  We might not be fully recovered, but we are a sure sight better than we were four years ago.

But if Middle Class voters think that what the Right says is oh so true, and they do the wrong thing and run right out there and vote for Romney, who represents the Rich………..THEN YOU GOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU DESERVE!



I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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  1. says:

    I believe there is a tremendous amount of opposition against Obama but then our political system has done nothing for us for years. It is self serving from the president down to anyone who can steal a few tax dollars or take a payoff. GM may have needed a bailout but for years they have been in bed with the oil companies. In the 70’s and 80’s when we had oil supply problems GM had a golden opportunity to make engines and cars that were very fuel efficient and should have begun the hybrid era back then. Why do thy need to have the government to regulate gas mileage? American Greed is keeping us from energy independence.
    GM let profits and greed get in the way. Now foreign manufacturers are producing better cars. American auto companies have no to blame but their greedy predecessors for the loss of business.
    The economy may be picking up but it could be much better. Obama is guilty of what Bush allowed to happen, permitting futures market contracts that are inflating oil and food prices costing every American family thousands of dollars each year of their disposable income. Obama knows the situation and now intends to only hire people to police the market rather than just stop the insanity. What happened to the CFTC? They are as much to blame as Bernanke.
    Only one candidate , still in the running, has been honest and wants to fix our problems. He doesn’t tell anyone what they want to hear but says what we need to know.

    • I always look forward to your responses. My primary point here is that the Middle Class seems always to be duped into supporting the very candidate that is not the least interested in their future. There are those who would have let GM and Chrysler go under. However, GM and Chrysler as well as Ford, are not just the auto industry in the U.S., they are also the very factoriies that make up the Arsenal of America. Imagine a serooius military challange or World War. If we just let the auto industry go under we have no arsenal of America. No way for mass production. The rest of the world is not going to wait around while we build 7 or 8 plants to build tanks etc.

      These plants, regardless of ones opinion are part of the vital infrastructure of The United States.

      As for Mr. Romney, as I said before, he does not, will not, and has no intention of any recognition of the Middle Class of this country. And it is the Middle Class who does the buying. That is why we are watching a slow recovery. Only after we see full recovery of the Middle Class will we see the full potential of this country.

      Once again, thank you for your in sight. One thing I do agree with though is that 99% of the politicians can care less about the rest of us. They are in it for power and money, and that is a sad commentary. Have a great day.

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