President Obama has returned to Washington to deal with hurricane Sandy as she prepares to devastate the East Coast of the United States.  No doubt the President is doing the right thing. After all, he is the Commander and Chief.  He is back in Washington doing his job.  There is no doubt now, that as I sit here this evening watching the events unfold across the East Coast of the U.S. that many people are going to be impacted, and a lot of damage is going to be done. All I can say is “Thank God for FEMA.”

Of course if Governor Romney has his way, and he is elected President of The United States, FEMA will cease to exist as we know it today, because the good Governor will privatize it. That way it becomes a profitable entity and some hot-shot can make a lot of money off of someone else’s night-mare.

Of course if Mitt becomes President there are other things that will bite the dust as well.  Things like so-called Obama Care, which is already helping thousands, including my brother who I spoke to today.  He just received his billings today and found out that his premiums are going down…..not up. That is all thanks to Obama Care, he said.  He say’s the benefits are just starting to surface.

I will be the first one to admit though that I too have my problems with President Obama.  He says that he will protect Israel.  But the problem is that the current Foreign Policy is dealing one blow after another against Israel.  The idea of surrounding them with more democratic forms of government is not working as well as we hoped it would.  Egypt is anti Israel, and Turkey is under attack. Jordan could face mass demonstrations in the future, forcing King Husain out of office as well.  If that occurs Israel is surrounded by the enemy and an attack is all but a sure thing.   We all know what that means.

That does not mean however, that a President Romney will do us any better.  Because as I see it from my arm-chair, he won’t do anything but escalate things.  He will increase the military, put more troops in the area, threaten unfriendly Islamic nations through intimidation, and cause more conflict in the area.  He sees the U.S. War Machine as a money making venture, and obviously is not thinking about peace in the middle east.

And the polls, the polls are too close. This race can not be called. But as I have said before, the Republicans are feeling just fine.   It is all too important that the Democrats get out the vote. If they fail,  and Romney wins, I can assure you of this.  Americans of the Middle Class will feel the pain.  They will be the ones who pay for the recession and the failures of Wall Street.

That’s how it stands now.  Sally has put a stop to the campaigns, a President sits in Washington doing his job, and all America is glued to their TV’s watching the horrific event’s unfold on the East Coast.

So while we watch, whisper a prayer for those in harm’s way.  and have a good and safe night, and as usual……….God Bless America!


I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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