I always find it interesting that when the going gets rough, the politician will always change their stance.  That is what is happening on the Conservative Right even as we speak.  Now, I do not have an issue with an honest change of course.  There is nothing wrong with seeing the light.  But, when a politician comes out all holier than thou, anti this, or anti that, and as was in the case of one U.S. Senator, whose son announced he was Gay, and changes course out of the blue, well there is something wrong with that picture.  I do not think that the good Senator was as much changing course as he was suddenly recognizing that except for that statement by his son, his son was the same person, unchanged, no difference at all. The only change was the announcement.  Suddenly he sees the light.

The sad part is that if his son had not come out, he never would have changed his mind. it was the sudden realization that his own flesh and blood son was different. The cause, the reason, was not the issue. Just the recognition that his son was Gay, and he felt he had to change course.  So now, the Conservative Right has a member who is pro Gay Rights. Not because of the Senators research.  Not because of a search within his own heart. Not because of a sudden revelation. It was only because he realized that Gay people are everywhere, even within our own families.

Then there is the sudden change in immigration.  The realization that the Hispanic population is growing in The United States, is enough for Conservative Republicans to start counting votes. In order to get those votes they have to change their stand. So now there is this sudden urge to re-vamp the Republican position of strict standards on the issue of immigration policy.

But that’s OK, they can still express their disdain against minorities. They will just continue to attack the poor.  Yeah, they still support the concept that anyone getting Social Service assistance should get a drug test, after all the poor are the only ones stupid enough to take drugs.  And you bet, we gotta do something about entitlements…..After all the only ones taking advantage of the SYSTEM… are the poor, and oppressed.   So we need to change Social Security and Medicare, as well as Food Stamps!  After all anyone Republican would never be solely dependant on Social Security or Medicare, or God Forbid Food Stamps.  They’re just too smart for that! Why they have pensions, and hubby’s investments, stocks and bonds, as well as treasury notes, and other such certificates.

Well, I would venture to say this.  After watching the sudden changes in opinion, which only seem to be based on the voting block, and a realization that all might be lost if they do not change  their ways, I would not trust anything coming out of Washington these days.  And I might add that includes the Democrats. It seems the Wind Tides are constantly changing.

It’s right back to that old adage, the idea that assures votes. Tell the public whatever they want to hear, and dumb and stupid as they are, to the slaughter they will be led like sheep!

That’s the way I see things………I hope to see your insights on the issues of the day as well. Until then, have a great day and as usual………….. God Bless America!



I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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