We all know that Republicans do not trust Democrats. We all know that Democrats do not trust Republicans. That’s a given. Now we learn, at least according to The Wall Street Journal, Republicans do not trust Republicans. Say that again!   OK….REPUBLICANS DO NOT TRUST REPUBLICANS!!! It was not all that long go that Republicans were the ones standing up in the Senate as well as the House chambers saying that they were the adults in the room, and it was time for President Obama to do this or do that. Now, neither seem to be interested in claiming their graduation to adult-ship. They seem to be more silent now on such claims. I think that is, at least for them, a very wise move.

After last weeks fiasco the so-called Tea Party was busy in one corner licking its wounds from their loose-loose battle. The more moderate ol’ pro Republicans, that is the Republican establishment, was off in the other corner licking their wounds, and all America was madder than a wet hen over a fight over an issue that could certainly have been fought in an entirely different manner.

Let’s be realistic, most Americans are not in favor of Obama care. There are a whole range of good reasons to be suspicious of this whole idea of single payer Health Insurance. It seems a slow gradual move to turn the entirety of health care over to the Federal Government. Now, judging from their most recent behavior, I think that I am not too interested in the Government handling very much of anything that really matters to me, especially my health care. But be that as it may, when one considers the estimated individual cost, and a realization that there will be those who can not afford such extraordinary prices, who will no doubt be put into some Medicaid like pool. One can only imagine what kind of health care they are going to get. Most americans though will get a medium health care plan, and while they will pay far more than they do now for such a privilege, their actual health care commitment from the medical field will be somewhat reduced. Then of course, there is the multi-millionaire who buys the top drawer plan and he gets the best of the best and even better. The rest of us peasants, will get far less and at a certain point we won’t even get that. Us baby boomers will just be left alone on a cot in a maze of corridors somewhere, and left to die.

I just said the magic word, Baby-boomers, that is you and me. We are moving into our 60’s now, and there are millions, count them, millions of us. The system can not pay for us, so they are developing, it seems creative ways to get us out-of-the-way. The problem though is the tab to pay for this mass ignoration, is way too high on the average tax payer. Besides, while they certainly support the perception that the Baby Boomers have to be dealt with, they do not want to be the ones to pay for it. I might add, Baby Boomer defined, is any person born right after world war two, around say 1945 through 1955. And yes, many of their parents are Baby Boomers as well, but they are not included in that class. Their parents of course should be the recipient of top drawer care, even if they can not pay for it. They are special. We are talking about all the rest of those lower level Socio-economic losers out there…..You know who I mean, (Wink Wink).

So here we have the Tea Party saying they do not want to be the ones paying such extravagant cost for medical care, they also want to see the extraordinary spending our government shells out, at tax payer expense, of course, reduced, and some economic sanity returned to this democracy of ours. The Tea Party made their mistake though when they conspired to shut the Federal Government down. They will pay for that one. The Moderate Republicans will pay as well, because they were unable to control the Tea Party who went off half cocked, and made everyone look stupid.

While everyone knocks President Obama, saying he is such a bad, irresponsible president, he is the winner. Because he was the one making it clear, that he would not allow the presidency to be blackmailed into coweing to the whims of some minority rookie faction, whatever you want to call it, party, who comes into Washington shouting, hollering, demanding, saying they won’t compromise, work with anyone, or participate in the function of government. They had decided they were going to change the way things run out here. Well, if the president had caved in, and given these House Clowns, what they wanted, if he had cowed to their whims, fallen for their blackmail, extortion, and disrespect for the political process, he would have set every future president up to the same kind of extortion and blackmail from this day forward. When president Obama stood his ground, he was not standing for his principles, he was standing for the principles of the presidency. He did the right thing, and I don’t care what party you are affiliated with you should be congratulating him for it, and just be reminded, that if the current resident in the White House happened to be a Republican you certainly would expect him to do the same.

No matter though, once again we have kicked the can down the road. We have not solved any of our serious economic problems. Republicans don’t trust Republicans, their fighting each other. That is not, in the current state of affairs, a good thing. It means division in the government. It means that they will not work together, it means that once again we will face another government shut down. Who pays for this silliness? You, me, and all the American people.

It is not at all good for Republicans either.  Because, it spells doom for their hopes of gaining ground in the House and senate in 2014. It could spell disaster for 2016.

Let me put this to you, something to ponder.  You do not like Obama Care. You do not like over spending.  You think our country is failing in Foreign Affairs.  We are looking, not so good on the International Front. The Republicans self destruct in 2014, as well as 2016, and Hillary Clinton becomes President of the United States. Just something for you to ponder.

That’s my point of view. I look forward to your insights as well.

Have a great day and as usual…………….God Bless America!


I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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