Once again Vladimir Putin has shown us his dictatorial intentions by his behavior. I have to admit Reader, we were wrong. Most likely Putin minions and antaganizer’s were already in Crimea and used their tactics to justify the Putin invasion. What they obviously did was sway the vote, and thus brought themselves back to Dictatorial Mother Russia. I figured if that is what they wanted then so be it.

The Ukraine though is a different story. Here it is all too obvious that Russia is antagonizing the situation and pressuring the country into civil strife. Then in the name of Russian security Putin invades. Make no doubt, that is what I think is coming. An example of that is what happen just today in the Ukraine Parliament when two factions disagreed and an all out brawl let loose in the well of their legislator. A clear sign of fear, and not knowing what to do. A weak nation up against the mighty Goliath of Russia. What’s worse is because of the US economy, and a realization that no one wants an all out super power confrontation, there is not much that The United states can do.

A sad commentary because again it is all too obvious that Russia knows this, and can care less what Obama says, and has apparently told Secretary of State Kerry the same. Of course, in a point of clarification China has made their point of view known by telling The United States that while we are talking about the US minding its own affairs they can also stay out of the Japanese land question issue, and Chinese administration of Hong Kong as well. The building up of their Navy is another clear sign of future Chinese aggression on the way. So, now the United States has two super powers to contend with. And Russia says that if it comes to it, they have no problem handing a nuke over to their Nut case pals in Iran. This of course establishes a real dangerous situation because these Nut Case Pals in Iran, will no doubt use the bloody thing on ………… oh I don’t know……Israel perhaps.

So once again our world seems bent on turmoil, and possible world war. I find it interesting, that even after the horrors of WWII that man can not seem to understand that getting along far surpasses destroying each other. It takes one won ton dictator, bent on greed and some ultra national quest, gised as some great people’s movement to upset the whole world, and bring about the destruction of millions over greed and a quest for power. In the end we have millions dead, cities destroyed, nations in ruin, and decades to clean it all up again.

What a sad world in which we live.



I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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  1. ilovegdp says:

    This is pretty serious. According to my economics professor. We (USA) have not gone to war with a part of the world that has a McDonald’s. They have closed their McDonald’s locations. Doomsday-Preppers, I am so sorry I judged you.

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