It might be only the opinion of a novice layman, but I think the world security is in a very dangerous time. As I look around me and watch the world as it passes by, I am noticing more and more that most people have no idea what is going on around them. They go here, they go there, scurry to this store, go to some movie, have a meal at a nice restaurant, and have no idea of the state of the world, or just how dangerous of world they live in. Frankly, if you were to approach them and ask about the state of the world, they most likely would not have a clue.

In short, most american’s just don’t care. As long as their little world is not interfered with, as long as the cell phone works, as long as they can jump on to Face Book, all is well.

Ask them about Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, the Mid East, China, Russia, Africa, and Ebola, and they would look at you like your dropped in from Mars.

We live in a world, no a country of self-gratification. As long as gratification is met, and people are permitted to do their thing, that’s great. The rest of the world can do whatever, as long as theirs is in order. So time marches by. No one is aware that Russia’s Prime Minister Putin is acting like a new age Hitler. The world marches on, and no one it seems realizes that a gang of cut throat terrorists are beheading Christians all across Iraq, That Hamas is lobbing missiles into Israel. No one seems to understand that if a few more things go stupid, we could be looking at a world war. People just do not understand how dangerous things are. Not only that, they don’t seem to care.

OK, Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out why I wrote what I wrote, and what it all means. I guess, I am trying to figure out what point I am trying to make.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is time for Americans wake and realize what is happening all around them. Their world is not as secure as they think. They could lose their Face Book, Cell Phone, and their whole world could be completely turned upside down. Turned up side down in heartbeat.

Yeah , I guess that’s what I’m trying to say.



I am 62 years old. I've been blogging for several years. I am into History and Politics as well as currant events. The latter being the main issues covered on these pages. I was a Community Advocate for twenty years, and a volunteer aide in a State Representatives Office in my home state of Michigan. While I have basically ceased these activities, I still watch the world around me closely and report on it as much as I can, which I might add is often. I encourage comments on my Blogs. I only ask that we keep our opinions clean and without insults threats or intimidation. I hope you take time to read The Horton Journal, and look forward to your comments.
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