Some things are just difficult to understand. Russian aggression is one of them. With Mr. Putin’s persistent threats, aggressive behavior, even suggesting the possibility of a nuclear war, I find myself wondering where the rational in this world has gone. I guess I take that back, because it is Mr. Putin acting the nut, not the United States. The sanctions imposed by the United states over the Ukraine are justified, because Putin is conducting a land grab, thinking that the US has not got the back bone to step up to the plate. China feels the same way, but at least for now has decided that their own economy is in enough trouble and that their first priority in the public eye should be China. But, they will be back.

Russia though, has decided to learn the hard way, and as their economy goes South, now some leaders in Russia are calling for his dismissal. In short, he pushed his old world, Cold War Russia idea too far, and now some are saying it might be time for Putin to step down. After all, there is a thing called negotiation, and compromise. Something that is not about to happen with Putin acting the way he is. is this a serious affront against the Putin regime? I am not sure, but it is the response the United States was waiting for.

War with Russia is not in the best interest of the US, and war with the US is not in the best interest of Russia. It accomplishes nothing, and endangers the world if someone makes a tactical error, misinterpreting the others action causing a launch of, God forbid, nuclear weapons.

A final note though, I find it interesting the Cuba, Russia pet just South of the US border, has decided that a gradual letting up of embargo’s, restrictions, and easing of relations is in fact in their best interest. Soon, America will actually be able to buy Cuban Cigars. This ought to be interesting indeed.

Watching the Russian situation will be an interesting task. China is not out of the picture. Our worst plate sitting on the table is ISIS, the mid-east, Iraq, Iran, Israel, and the rest of the situation there. We are not out of the woods yet. But it seems that I might be detecting something here, something that has not been the case here for a long time. It is a little late, and Mr. Obama might not receive the real credit for the change. But change it might be. That is that President Obama might be listening to his foreign affairs advisors for once . And that, as we come close to the end of the year is good news.

Have a great day, and God Bless America.

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One after another it seems the events of the day just grow bigger and bigger and it seems become something they are not. Consider Ferguson, if you will. Here we had a clear cut situation of a young man who decides he wants to be a “Thug Wanna Be”, and robs a store with a friend at his side. The guy shoves the store owner out-of-the-way, not once but twice, ending the confrontation with a threatening gester. All caught on tape.

Now he and his buddy are walking down the street a few minutes later, and when confronted by police and asked to move to the sidewalk, the buddy complies. However, the Thug wanna be, decides to confront the officer, ends up in the car, struggling for the officer’s gun, two shots are fired, thugs on the run, told to halt. Instead, Thug wanna be decides to rush the cop, all three hundred bounds of him, and is told to halt again. He is shot, and killed, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, his buddy, had complied with the officer’s order to get off the street, and lives to tell the story today.

Well, as usual, the Liberal media does its rush to judgment thing, and the next thing you know we got Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton down there preaching it was some kind of hate crime, it all ends with no indictment of the police officer for doing his job, and the good citizens of Ferguson Ind. burning their town to the ground.


A male subject in New York is confronted by police for selling cigarettes without charging a tax, and arrested. A confrontation occurs, the subject is brought down by four police officers, one who uses an unauthorized choke hold on the subject. According to an individual who trains officers in self-defense, this choke hold is never taught, and it should be noted that there is a rule that choke holds are not to be used in arrest of subjects. it might also be interesting to note that the subject was well-known for non-violent petty crimes such as this and had been dealt with before.

Although he was obviously attempting to avoid arrest, and detainment, he kept saying to police to leave him alone. However, true to the case he was in violation of the law. When he attempted to ward off the police he was brought down by four officers. One of them used the choke hold. The detainee kept saying he could not breath, but the officer did not let up on the grip. He ends up in the hospital, and died from a heart attack, probably as a result of the choke hold. This happened several months ago, but a grand jury did not indict the officer despite the clear flagrant violation of police policy on not using choke holds.

There are clear issues in this case. Most legal sources clarify that this is a clear-cut case of manslaughter, and that the officer should be held accountable. I concur.

However, there are clear differences in both the Ferguson case and the New York case.

Now a closing word about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Al Sharpton is nothing more than a mouth piece that persistently uses any event where a black person is killed by whites or police as just cause to pull the race card. However, like his counter part Jessie Jackson, there is always this issue of Rush to Judgment. It might be better served to make sure all the cards are on the table before making accusations that are unfounded. This was no doubt, the obvious case in Ferguson.

As for Jessie Jackson, I lost my respect for this guy a long time ago when he came to Michigan to support a Tent City for Homeless people, after the elimination of General Assistance. The Tents were put up on the Capital grounds in an attempt to bring attention to Homelessness in Michigan. With the support of UAW Jessie was able to fleece the flock and take all the collected funds back to Chicago, leaving nothing behind to support the Michigan cause.

Couple this with his every attempt to get involved in anything that looks racial, even if it means Rush to Judgment, an outright failure to control events in his own city, a virtual war zone in South Chicago, and its no wonder that I have lost all respect for this self promoting gluten of the people he says he represents.

Enough said for now.

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The Horton Journal is back after an online problem that has been resolved. I hate it when this kind of situation occurs.

Please bare with me as we try to catch up.

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According to Democracy Now a Web-based News Service, the unrest that has gripped Jerusalem has escalated after a deadly attack on five Israeli civilians during morning prayer in a Jewish Synagogue. It was the deadliest attack on Israeli civilians in more than three years and the worst in Jerusalem since 2008. The dead include three U.S. born citizens as well as a British born rabbi and a Druze police officer, Democracy Now reported.

Palestinian Militants took credit for the attack, that witnesses said was a virtual blood bath. Two Palestinian cousins were shot dead at the scene by police.

The attack came after weeks of unrest fueled by a dispute over Jerusalem’s holiest site, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and known to Jews as the temple Mount, as well as the continued expansion of Israeli settlements on the West Bank.

After the attack Israeli settlers launched reprisal attacks in the occupied West Bank targeting a school near Nablus as well Palestinian motorists on the road near Hebron, leaving five wounded after Israeli forces fired rubber bullets in an attempt to quell the crowd.

All the talk about Palestine wanting a peaceful resolution, so that Israel and Palestine can live in peace, as neighbors, was once again, blown away by militants who have no desire, and never had a desire, to live in peace beside the nation of Israel. It remains a sad commentary that so many are led to believe that Jews are so evil, and should be washed into the sea. But the opinions that have for so long persisted by radical Islamists toward Jews are the same as the hate levied at Christians world-wide. With ISIS butchering Christians and Palestinians dancing in the streets in response, it is no wonder that the hope of peace in the Mid-East is so far and distant in the future, that if there ever is to be peace.

There is no excuse in civil society for these kind of hate crimes. It is reality that Palestinians are nothing more than radical, misplaced people who represent the cause of the most radical form of Islam, and whose only wish is, is to dominate the world with their form of Islamic worship and mandated compliance by everyone around them.

This is just another example of their perception of how the Middle East should be. So many of us though beg to differ. It is time, no it is past time to deal with this form of savage Islamic behavior, making it clear that this idea of religion, and mandated compliance, as well as attempted influence of our youth shall no longer be accepted by civil society.

My prayers go out to Israelis everywhere, and to the people of Jerusalem.

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Russia has let it be known that it is their intent, whether The United States likes it or not that they will now be conducting routine patrols, with nuclear capable bomber aircraft in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s right, The Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of The United States of America. And, Putin claims there ain’t much you can do, or gonna do about it.

All this of course is the result of the United States putting on pressure over the Baltic crisis by US economic sanctions. Of course, people are starting to ask what we are going to do in response to Putin stupidity? Is this guy just brasin? Is he half nuts, or running on a brick shy of a load. I don’t think so. He knows where to quit. He also knows that an attack on the United states would be suicide because both nuclear powers could fire a couple of nukes at each other and that would be the end of them both as well as the world. so, the idea that Putin figures he would wipe out the United states before we could get a shot off is pure fantasy.

He is just taunting us, and hoping that Obama might be stupid enough to take some political stand, bally hooting about how the Land of the Free will not tolerate the likes of Russia or any other Communist nation floating or flying their war machines anywhere near the US.

This is not 1962, or the a of the Cuban Missile Crisis, where president Kennedy stood his ground, made it clear that he would not tolerate Russian missiles in Cuba. Our guns were drawn, planes in the air, missiles on the ready, and we were at full alert status. Russia decided it wasn’t worth the cost, and pulled back. Kennedy got a feather in his cap for that one.

But, Obama, Full alert?…guns drawn?…Planes in the air?…Missiles on the ready?…Nahhh, I Don’t think so. Not a good idea. Putin is looking for a squabble, to get attention, and force the US to drop its economic sanctions. Our best bet is to wait it out. Respond when they get a little too close, and more or less send the message that as long as you stay out there, OK, but don’t even think about flying into the US proper, we will take decisive, immediate, defensive action and blow your plane out of the sky. We would expect you to do the same, and you should understand we shall and will defend the territories of the United States.

True, there was a day that Putin would never have even considered such folly. But, when one considers who he is dealing with, then I understand his rational. President Obama hasn’t got a clue on Foreign Affairs, or diplomacy, for that matter.  Putin knows Obama is an arrogant, micro manager, who thinks he and he alone has the answers. He ignores his advisors, flys alone, and China and Russia have taken full advantage of the rookie in the room.

This is the one major area that has me concerned.  Foreign affairs, and this presidents ability to deal with a real live major, winner takes all military crisis. The actual ability to step up to the plate, and deliver the ball. I don’t think he can do it. I think the Chinese know it, as does the Russians.

And that Dear Readers  is why the next two years might very well become the most decisive years in the history of The United States. Because if we loose our footing we could loose the whole thing in a nut shell. The very concepts by which this country was founded on, the right to freedom, the right to liberty.

Have a good day…..and God Bless America!

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As predicted by the polls Republicans won the US Senate. They did even better than they thought with a victory in Iowa. While Louisiana will end up in a run off election in December, it made no difference for now because the Senate is now solidly controlled by the Republicans and that Republican control continues in the House.

Now, as readers of this blog know I said that there was a good chance that Republicans could win the senate in November, and then predicted the major victory that we just witnessed. But it should be understood that this is not a mandate. There is a deep festering anger in the voting public eye, and based on the latest bantering in the Republican Party, specifically the Conservative Right and the Tea Party gang in Washington, that anger is going to grow, if these clowns go through with their plan to plunder Obama, and just go stupid nuts in Washington. That perception, or plan is not good for the Republican Party, and even worse for the country. It just goes once again, to prove the point that some people just don’t get it. They apparently suffer seriously from Brain Drain.

The Republicans have a real chance of winning the White House in 2016, if they are able to govern. That is to say if they are in fact able to form a strong coalition, and get some things done in Washington. But if they decide that confrontation, plundering anything Obama, stalling, shutting down, making harsh demands, infighting, out fighting, Obama fighting, and a return to the same old agenda just experienced in Washington, is the way to go, then they are going to create havoc, both there in Washington, and in the public eye. The anger will be swift and immediate. The voters, the citizens, the American people, the ones who put you in office have had it up to their eye teeth with a do nothing Congress, and I assure their wrath will be heard and felt all across this nation. THEY EXPECT….NO, THEY DEMAND RESULTS!!!

I don’t think any of these clowns actually understand the message being sent to Washington. These people want jobs, good jobs. These people want immigration reform, real immigration reform, they want economic reforms, and  they want Obama Care dealt with. They expect improvement in Foreign and Domestic policy. They want an end to grid lock, and want to see something happen in Washington in their interest.

They are not interested in some Turk’s political philosophy, they do not want to hear some wise crack telling the folks back home about how you put me here and now I’m gonna as I see fit. They are not interested in your personal agenda and your disdain for Obama. They want results. They want, and expect you as an elected official to govern.

Your failure to do your job, will result in you being nothing more than a one term political has been.

So, it’s as simple as this….”Now that you got it….What are you going to do with it”?

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The Republicans are expected to take the Senate, retain the House, and as a result the President has a problem. But realistically, the President made this problem, he made it all by himself. piece by piece, brick by brick, board by board, and he hammered the nails all by himself. There will be those who scream racism, saying all this is because of a bunch of racist Republicans who hate President Obama because of the color of his skin. We are beyond that. Too many Americans swept him into office, thinking he could handle this job, and even gave the man a second chance, even though he had made a shambles of Foreign Affairs. They thought that the rumors they were hearing were unfounded. That the mess up’s, if any, were actually the fault of outsiders manipulating the sequence of events in places like Benghazi, Iraq, Iran, throughout the Mid-East. They even thought for a moment that increased terrorism was the product of happenstance and that our President was not the fault. But that he would handle it.

But after the national, which resulted in his second term, folks started wondering why it was always taking so long to make decisions that had to be made. ISIS was a good example. It took this President two full weeks to what amounted to a Declaration of War against The United States, to respond to the ISIS threat. By the time he got the idea it was too late and the Islamic State had taken root. As did Ebola, a killer virus now in the US. Why? Because this administration does not understand that the first mission in dealing with such a virus is to contain it at its source. You do not bring it here. You do not allow free travel into to your country from the host country.

Then many started to notice something else. The killer blow, I think. The arrogance. The perception that this President thought he knew it all. That his understanding of world and domestic events far out-reached the abilities of comprehension than anyone else here at home and around the world. That there was something not understood by the rest of us and that only he understood. We had to just trust him to make these decisions. Because he knew better than all the rest of us. This despite the advice of  individuals with long-term national, International experience. He even shunned the likes of Henry Kissenger, a conservative Republican willing to advise him.

He has insulted, and ignored our closest alley in the Mid-East, Israel, and shuns them on a daily basis. He has outright ignored the fact that this country has always supported the right to existence of the nation of Israel. But, this man has leaned instead toward Palestine making unreasonable demands on Israel. This despite the fact that for each concession Israel has given, Palestine has responded that they will not be happy until all Israel is run into the sea.

Lousy Foreign Affairs. Lousy Domestic Affairs. Misguided policy. A lack of comprehension. Arrogance. And obvious inexperience has led all America to understand that it is time for a change in Washington.  No this has nothing to do with race. It has everything though to do with saving this country. Many pray that our blunder four years ago, will not make our decision to correct the wrong, a decision too late.

Only time will tell.

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