It seems Hillary does no wrong. The Liberal Far Left Press has made their choice, and as much that they know it all, they figure that they know whats best for the rest of us. I found that phrase interesting because when Donald Trump won the nomination Republicans who hated him the way they do, made it clear in their challenge against his nomination, that THEY KNEW WHAT WAS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY. Well, I thought that we the People had a say in that.

Ever since then, these Jokers have spent their time doing every thing they could to assure that Trump loses, and get this, that Hillary wins. Seriously?

63, count them, 63 people have died in the past years. Each of these people had critical, incriminating information against Ms. Clinton. However, just prior to release of that information, or just prior to testimony, they suddenly end up dead. My isn’t that a coincidence? No testimony, no responsibility. No one of course can prove if Lady Hillary was in on it, but the fact remains that they are dead. That they knew and had incriminating information against Lady Hillary, that information would have torn her campaign apart, and before they could release that information or testify, they were undeniably, irreversibly, absolutely, positively, certifiabley, DEAD! And, dead men, or women, tell no tales!

Benghazi: Lets chat about this one as well. Lady Hillary stated during the first debate, that she in fact testified before a Congressional Committee for 12 hours. But still, throughout the course of that testimony, gave us no real reliable factual information about what happened in Benghazi And besides, as she said in her own words in response to continued probing by the committee…”What difference does it make anyway”… In other words the ambassador is dead, and Dead Men Tell No Tails.

Lady Hillary brags about the great diplomatic deals that she has accomplished through the course of her secretary of State. Looking at the Iran deal alone is a clear example of how the Obama administration has steered the United States into one trap after another. We made a treaty with Iran over Nuclear Arms, and the ink wasn’t even dry before Iran was once again knocking the United States, threatening nuclear armament despite the treaty, and harassing the United States Navy on the open seas. Not to mention the fact that to assure the release of American hostages the United States hands millions over to the Iranian government. The Obama administration of course denies any connection of money and Hostages. But the fact is that the money was secretly flown in and handed over to Iranian officials by unmarked american aircraft. Then…and only then were the hostages released.

Of course there are the serious questions surrounding immigration. Thousands, upon thousands of immigrants are swamping american shores, overwhelming our cities and neighborhoods. They bring with them their traditions, their religion, and feel that we the people have to put our traditions, and religion aside out of respect for their religion. It happened in Paris, Germany, Spain, and other Europian nations. As soon as the host country fails in complying with their demands, then they are branded as anti Islamic, without respect for their religion, and they take to the streets, and then start terrorist response because of refusal to meet their demands. Look at Paris and London and other Europian cities that have not complied with radical Islamic demands. Look at Florida, New York City, Los Angeles California, and other cities in the United States. And does Lady Hillary plan to deal with this outrage? Sure she does. She has made it clear that she will not only continue the Obama Immigration policy, but that she will in fact expand it bringing even more immigrants into The United States.

The serious questions of criminal liability of Hillary and Bill Clinton and the FBI investigation was squashed of course when Billy Boy paid a visit to the Attorney General on board her plane in Phoenix,Arizona. When he got off that plane after a short (Who knows what was said), chat the game plan and within moments, according to some FBI officials, the game plan was revised, and every effort was now in sink to assure that Hillary got off Scott Free. e-mails? what e-mails. I’m not even going to pursue this sick twisted discussion, because it gives me more acid reflux than I can tolerate at this time.

Just another example of Hillary Can Do No Wrong.

God Help Our Nation!

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Well as they say, try again and that is what we’ll do.

First though, I’ll try to explain, with PC issues going on it is easy to get away and then just forget to post anything. Again, I’ll try to move forward.

Second, my work has changed somewhat, and is demanding more time than I want to give, but regardless of what I want, I have no choice but to comply. Example: Just finished a five-day week of 12 hour days.

So, without further explanation I should post something for Political Perspective.

I am sure that some readers will be shocked when they see that I am supporting Donald Trump for President. I am doing so because there is no way, knowing the issues surrounding Hillary Clinton, that I could support her for President. I will, therefore , for this entry focus on Hillary. In a future article I will focus on Mr. Trump. However, ever the gentleman, we will first address Ms. Clinton.

I have had my issues with Ms. Clinton for many years. Frankly, she scares me. Not because she is weak or a woman, but because of her questionable past. Benghazi, The Clinton Foundation, and some 60 or more missing people. Of course, her health issues are becoming a national issue with more and more people questioning whether she can serve as President.

Ms. Clinton has always felt she was robbed the presidency by Barrack  Obama. She felt she was the anointed one, and when the charisma born Obama captured the attention of the voter, it seemed he was so sincere, that we could not go wrong. We soon found out that he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted, and to this date has rammed more unwanted, unwise policy down the throat of the American people that no one is safe from his perception of Domestic Policy. His Foreign Policy is the worst this country has ever seen. He favors opening our doors to Islamic Refugee’s far beyond our capacity to absorb, and recognizing the security risks of probably allowing terrorists on to our shores, is enough to warrant serious concerns for the future of our national security. His apologetic ideology, toward Arab States who think we did so much wrong to them, as well as this sick idea of Nation Building, while destroying stable governments whose political perception we disagree with, is overthrown, and we then step in to insert a government to our liking. Turning factions against each other, and pitting this one against that one has caused an ever-growing uprising against the United States. Regardless of our perceptions of the leadership of these countries, ie; Saddam Hussain, Kadaffi, and other tyrants, they were still Soverign Nations that we attacked. Then, we cap it off with paying for the release of hostages. Call it what you want, but it was not a safe guard to assure release. it was the attempt of secret delivery of millions to gain hostage release. Now, it seems the Obama Administration has admitted to it.

Hillary Clinton is a part of that Foreign policy. She was Secretary of State, and addressed many of these issues not to mention the State Dept. e-mails stamped Confidential moved to her own server, in clear violation of departmental policy.

The Clinton Foundation, which has been used as an influence structure, is yet another obvious scam conducted by the Clinton’s to garner donations for influence, and the wink and a nod when needed as foreign entities pour Millions in to the foundation to gain access to Hillary Clinton, especially if she becomes President. She has launched her own “Pay to Play”, Foundation, and just about everyone who is someone, including Vladimir Putin,  has payed up to assure they would have an influence on Clinton Foreign Policy as well as domestic issues, I am sure.

Then there are the 60 or so people who have turned up dead. All of them connected to Clinton, all of them holding damaging, incriminating, information that could sink the Clinton boat. Suddenly, out of the blue, they come up dead just prior to a hearing, or court appearance, where if they spilled the beans the Clinton machine would come tumbling down.

Her past behavior and conduct in the White House, as First Lady was a closely guarded secret until a former Secret Service Agent published a book depicting her behavior there. How the help were not to ever be seen. One was found hiding in a White House closet. One occasion it is rumored, that she had boarded the White House helicopter and realized she had forgotten her sunglasses, and in a rage demanded they turn around to retrieve them. And on the stories go.

I just can not trust this woman at the helm. Her questionable temper, her ethics, questionable legal issues, her foreign policy and domestic policy which will be more of the same if not escalated cause me to have serious reservations of her as President of The United States.

And, yes it is true, there are serious questions regarding Donald Trump, but it is Saturday morning, and I am sure the reader can only absorb so much. And as for me, well, I just put in a 12 hour day and am sinking  fast.

That’s my point of view. I look forward to yours, meanwhile, have a great day.






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Donald Trump is steam rolling his way to the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He’s doing this despite the best efforts of the old establishment crowd who run things down Washington way. I guess they call it the Belt Way.

Mitch McConnell and his gang on the Hill have done everything they can to stop the Trump machine to no avail. To this day these guys can not for the life of them figure out whats going on. Now, half way into the campaign they are in a panic. They see it coming unraveled. They can’t stop the Trump Steam roller. and are throwing everything they can at Teflon Don but it just keeps sliding off.

Whats going on?

First of all the people of this country, the voter, are angry. They are not a happy lot. They have watched for eight years as this Congress led by the likes of McConnell and Cruz and Rubio, bring Capitol Hill to a complete stop. Nothing is being passed. Everything is on a side burner. The business of the people has come to a complete stop because the Republican Party hates President Obama with such a passion, that all they do now is sit around and play cards waiting for January 20, 2017. This is their definition of responsible politics.

They have let this president rule by Executive Order, and done nothing to stop him.

They have permitted this President to ram rod a new Health Care Plan through Congress that has cost the voter more money than ever, in health insurance, and premiums, and co-pays. This Congress has done nothing.

They have have allowed this President to independantley engage in a dangerous Foreign Policy that threatens the security of the people of The United States….This Congress has done nothing.

Now, when the people of this country rise up and say enough, and began a push to put Donald Trump in the White House, this gang of do nothing old line politicians, with dusty pants has the gull to tell the American people, that their choice for change will not be recognized. That their choice will not be the nominee, and that instead they will throw the Republican Convention in Cleveland into a brokered Convention, to choose anyone but Donald Trump as nominee for President of the United States.. That will, I assure you lead to the end of the Republican Party, and a sure Revolution in this country.

What part of all this do these political clowns in the Washington Beltway not understand?

It is easy, anyone with a lick of horse sense can see it. The American people have awakened. They have smelled the foul stench in Washington. They do not like the odor. And it is their intent to change it. The panic in Washington is all about change. The old crowd feels threatened. They are afraid that they too are on the chopping block,  they might lose their election. The whole thing might backfire. God forbid! Donald Trump might become the Republican Nominee for President of the United States. God forbid….Donald Trump might beat Hillary Clinton and be the next President of the United States. God forbid, like a bad rash, the American people might say “Hey that feels real good. I am making change…I am involved, lets do it again, lets vote the old crowd out and bring a whole new crowd in. Lets throw the Incumbent’s out of office and bring in some fresh blood. some Legislators who who have been able to define Legislate to the voters back home.

You know what? I think I could live with that.

What do you think? Drop me a line and give me your point of view.

Have a great day and God Bless a waking America!



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Hello readers, its been a while since I have posted anything on WordPress. I hope you will understand that it  had nothing to do with WordPress, but more so with the PC. So after more and more occasions of “Sticky Keys”, and after all efforts failed, I just gave in. Now, for some reason there is an entirely different set up here. I guess one might refer to it as Back To Basics, because the page I am looking at is just that…Basic. So, once again, I am trying to post something here, with hopes we can resume some form of rational editorial Blogging. I have received many responses, many of them saying things like “Finally, someone with some common sense”.

I am not sure if the readers are going to agree with me here in the future. My views have changed somewhat. After near eight years of Barrack Obama, it is any wonder why anyone would be thinking the same as they were some eight years ago. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would have voted for him four years ago. I did not. But before everyone starts in with being phobic this or phobic that. Before anyone starts in saying your anti Black, or anti Arabic, or that you have lost the principals of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and thus accusing me of being uncaring, unloving, manic, mean, anti this and anti that, try too to understand that I have no choice but to concede when faced with the reality of world events, and the failures of this administration both in matters of Foreign Affairs as well as on the American domestic front.

While I can not blame President Obama for all the damage overseas, I think that I can assure the reader that there is enough blame to go around for both major parties, Democrat as well as Republican. Our problem in the Arabic theater is really simple indeed. We have outright failed in any attempt to resolve the problems of terrorist activity. Instead we have brought about, through our own actions as well as the lack of action, threats of and actual events of Terror directed against the United States overseas as well as right here on American soil.

We have, it seems attempted to change the governments of various national governments such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and others to name a few, in an effort to gain control of not only the government, but it’s natural resources. we turned one Arabic faction against another. An attempt I think of Divide and Conquer, which has done nothing but anger the Mid east, and turn them against us. They hate everything United States.

Now the Terrorist’s have declared war against the United States.   They promise to bring their form of justice right here to American soil. After the horrific events in both Boston as well as San Bernadino Ca. It seems obvious that they have entrenched their embedded agents here. My fear is that these previous events, especially that in California was a mere test to discover whether these embedded agents are prepared to take instruction, and follow through. I think they are. If I am right, that is a very serious danger to all Americans.

Then there is the domestic front. Taxes going up. Cost of living rising, wages are stagnant, the introduction of Obama Care, a dismal failure that is costing Americans thousands of dollars that they just plain do not have. As a result, our economy is teetering closer and ever closer to implosion, and economic disaster. The American Pocket book can only go so far before it is empty.

You can not continue to increase the coast of living, as well as the cost of health care outpacing wages the way we are doing. Social Security recipients for example, did not get an annual cost of living increase for 2016, but their Medicare Premium increased from $104.oo per month to $121.00 per month. Insurance companies are now dropping Obama Care clients, or increasing their rates where they will not be able to afford the premiums. It should be noted that the Insurance Companies are also reducing as well as outright eliminating covered medications as well as services. Thank you Mr. President, your so called Affordable Care Act has now become The Unaffordable Care Act, and for most Americans Health Care is a Luxury that they can no longer afford.

So now, on the Political front what do we have. Hillary Clinton, a woman who scares anyone with a lick of sense half to death, and array of Republicans who say they represent the will of the people while sounding like a bunch of far left Democrats. A two party government that has ceased to function, refuses to compremise, and has done just about anything President Obama wants, thus being part and parcel in creating the mess that we are in today. Yes, my friends, the Great American Dream, is becoming unraveled.

Then of course there is the Tea Party. (The adults in the room), they like to say. They will shut down the whole government in order to gain their will. They are anti everything. They say they are pro American, but would dump Social security, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and any and all domestic assistance. They refuse to discuss anything, they want government on their terms and their terms only. the people who elect them, try at times to say “Hey there, your going over board”, the answer to the folks back home is often…You elected me and now that I am here I am doing what I think is best. In short, “Screw you”!

I don’t event think I will go into Trump. Although I have to admit he captured the will of the American people. The people of this great nation are fed up. They have had enough, they want change, they want it now. If that means that in an effort to voice their will, to get their point across, that they elect Donald Trump, who is financing his own campaign, can care less about the luxury of the White House, his Pent House is probably bigger as well as better than 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and I know he can care less about Air Force One, because he has his own plane. He speaks his peace, puts the chips on the table, says what it is, how it is and why it has to change. He sure is no regular politician. He has the Republican Party scared half out their wits. Of which they have very little.

So the reader wants to know why I have swung the direction that I have. Well the above more or less states the case as it is, and as it will stay if We….The American People do no rise up, and do what has to be done in a quest to save this nation.

That’s my point of view, and as has always been the case, whether I agree or not, I look forward to your Point of view.

Until then…..Have a great day and as usual God Bless America!


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Once again I am attempting to compose a Blog on this site. I like writing, but at the same time, I feel people see me as realistic.

While there wont be an article today, I will begin the process of preparing a test article to see if this new version before me works.

Time will tell.

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Well we’re trying again.

I ‘ll go forward if you don’t mind with a brief news summary on ISIS.

ISIS; ISIS is a danger to all of us here in the United States as the world. I believe that theses guys are serious. They have a disdained hate for The united States, despite, it seems, the best efforts of our own president to appease the Mid-East.

To apologize to Arabs in the Mid east is seen as a weakness by them, and they are using that weakness to walk all over the US. I might add that they are succeeding quite well at that. Most Americans though are not all that concerned. It isn’t here in our back yard, so what’s the worry. As long as the mess stays over there we don’t care. Once again Folks…Wrong perception.

What most do not know, is that Radical Islamic Terrorists have several camps across the United States. Some residents in the immediate area of those camps are scared half to death of what’s going on behind the fence. Gun’s being fired, Armed guards guarding what seems a military like installation, intimidating tactics to keep town folk at bay.

It is said that the FBI is watching the camps, but can’t do much about what goes on behind closed gates. This week a threat was discovered by the FBI and several have been arrested on charges of threatening a terrorist act for New York City. Let’s see what comes of that.

President Obama it seems will do all he can to appease the Radical Islamic people out to get us, including turning against the Nation of Israel, a long time alley of the US. Recent actions directed at Israeli Prime Minister Netanyau including intimidation by the Obama administration, were also followed by an active attempt by former Obama Campaign staffers to overturn his chances for re-election. The people of Israel saw through that one and he was able to win re-election despite the best efforts of our President who would be the first one to cry fowl if it were his campaign being attacked by the opposition. The immediate response by the Obama administration was a series of statements designed to insult and intimidate Israel some more. In short, our President had a temper tantrum.

So there you have it. And yes as I type this I still see Sticky keys trying to mess up my efforts at getting out at least one good article to the reader. So, I was able to get some advise. Back to the drawing board.

I  will get the problem solved. but like any, when it comes to PC issues, it takes time.

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2014 is coming to its end. 2015 is about to begin. It has indeed been an interesting year.

What with the threat of ISIS, the persistent problems throughout the Mid-East we proved ourselves correct when we said this newest terrorist group was extremely dangerous not only for its brutal response to those they termed enemies, which seems to just about everyone else on the face of the earth, but their desire to take over the Mid East in its entirety, and of course, like all the others, to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Then there was the problem with President Obama. continuously responding to world crisis situations late, allowing the situation, whatever it might be to take deep root before his response. China, Russia, North Korea, the Mid east, and terror threats across the globe are all examples of this presidents refusal to make a decision in a manner where the rest of the world is not in danger as it awaits US leadership.

The president’s refusal to work with Congress led to a Republican landslide as predicted. There was no surprise that President Obama’s refusal to compromise, had a major role in the voters decisions.

Racial unrest though here in The United States was in my opinion the one issue was more disturbing than anything. Ferguson Indiana,New York City, Atlanta, and the horrific situation in Chicago, caused me to wonder why it was that people like Jessie Jackson can not handle issues of this nature, rather than the allegations and charges which leads only to more unrest.

That in a nuts shell is the years as I saw it. Perhaps, just maybe 2015 will offer us something better.

At any rate……Have a Happy prosperous New year.

Well see ya next year.

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Some things are just difficult to understand. Russian aggression is one of them. With Mr. Putin’s persistent threats, aggressive behavior, even suggesting the possibility of a nuclear war, I find myself wondering where the rational in this world has gone. I guess I take that back, because it is Mr. Putin acting the nut, not the United States. The sanctions imposed by the United states over the Ukraine are justified, because Putin is conducting a land grab, thinking that the US has not got the back bone to step up to the plate. China feels the same way, but at least for now has decided that their own economy is in enough trouble and that their first priority in the public eye should be China. But, they will be back.

Russia though, has decided to learn the hard way, and as their economy goes South, now some leaders in Russia are calling for his dismissal. In short, he pushed his old world, Cold War Russia idea too far, and now some are saying it might be time for Putin to step down. After all, there is a thing called negotiation, and compromise. Something that is not about to happen with Putin acting the way he is. is this a serious affront against the Putin regime? I am not sure, but it is the response the United States was waiting for.

War with Russia is not in the best interest of the US, and war with the US is not in the best interest of Russia. It accomplishes nothing, and endangers the world if someone makes a tactical error, misinterpreting the others action causing a launch of, God forbid, nuclear weapons.

A final note though, I find it interesting the Cuba, Russia pet just South of the US border, has decided that a gradual letting up of embargo’s, restrictions, and easing of relations is in fact in their best interest. Soon, America will actually be able to buy Cuban Cigars. This ought to be interesting indeed.

Watching the Russian situation will be an interesting task. China is not out of the picture. Our worst plate sitting on the table is ISIS, the mid-east, Iraq, Iran, Israel, and the rest of the situation there. We are not out of the woods yet. But it seems that I might be detecting something here, something that has not been the case here for a long time. It is a little late, and Mr. Obama might not receive the real credit for the change. But change it might be. That is that President Obama might be listening to his foreign affairs advisors for once . And that, as we come close to the end of the year is good news.

Have a great day, and God Bless America.

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One after another it seems the events of the day just grow bigger and bigger and it seems become something they are not. Consider Ferguson, if you will. Here we had a clear cut situation of a young man who decides he wants to be a “Thug Wanna Be”, and robs a store with a friend at his side. The guy shoves the store owner out-of-the-way, not once but twice, ending the confrontation with a threatening gester. All caught on tape.

Now he and his buddy are walking down the street a few minutes later, and when confronted by police and asked to move to the sidewalk, the buddy complies. However, the Thug wanna be, decides to confront the officer, ends up in the car, struggling for the officer’s gun, two shots are fired, thugs on the run, told to halt. Instead, Thug wanna be decides to rush the cop, all three hundred bounds of him, and is told to halt again. He is shot, and killed, and the rest is history. Meanwhile, his buddy, had complied with the officer’s order to get off the street, and lives to tell the story today.

Well, as usual, the Liberal media does its rush to judgment thing, and the next thing you know we got Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton down there preaching it was some kind of hate crime, it all ends with no indictment of the police officer for doing his job, and the good citizens of Ferguson Ind. burning their town to the ground.


A male subject in New York is confronted by police for selling cigarettes without charging a tax, and arrested. A confrontation occurs, the subject is brought down by four police officers, one who uses an unauthorized choke hold on the subject. According to an individual who trains officers in self-defense, this choke hold is never taught, and it should be noted that there is a rule that choke holds are not to be used in arrest of subjects. it might also be interesting to note that the subject was well-known for non-violent petty crimes such as this and had been dealt with before.

Although he was obviously attempting to avoid arrest, and detainment, he kept saying to police to leave him alone. However, true to the case he was in violation of the law. When he attempted to ward off the police he was brought down by four officers. One of them used the choke hold. The detainee kept saying he could not breath, but the officer did not let up on the grip. He ends up in the hospital, and died from a heart attack, probably as a result of the choke hold. This happened several months ago, but a grand jury did not indict the officer despite the clear flagrant violation of police policy on not using choke holds.

There are clear issues in this case. Most legal sources clarify that this is a clear-cut case of manslaughter, and that the officer should be held accountable. I concur.

However, there are clear differences in both the Ferguson case and the New York case.

Now a closing word about Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Al Sharpton is nothing more than a mouth piece that persistently uses any event where a black person is killed by whites or police as just cause to pull the race card. However, like his counter part Jessie Jackson, there is always this issue of Rush to Judgment. It might be better served to make sure all the cards are on the table before making accusations that are unfounded. This was no doubt, the obvious case in Ferguson.

As for Jessie Jackson, I lost my respect for this guy a long time ago when he came to Michigan to support a Tent City for Homeless people, after the elimination of General Assistance. The Tents were put up on the Capital grounds in an attempt to bring attention to Homelessness in Michigan. With the support of UAW Jessie was able to fleece the flock and take all the collected funds back to Chicago, leaving nothing behind to support the Michigan cause.

Couple this with his every attempt to get involved in anything that looks racial, even if it means Rush to Judgment, an outright failure to control events in his own city, a virtual war zone in South Chicago, and its no wonder that I have lost all respect for this self promoting gluten of the people he says he represents.

Enough said for now.

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The Horton Journal is back after an online problem that has been resolved. I hate it when this kind of situation occurs.

Please bare with me as we try to catch up.

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